Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Creativity..... again!

Another Sunday, another relaxation day. This is about to change though, back to work on Tuesday after a lovely 10 days leave. :( And back to working weekend! Double :(

Today I've been working on a few sample for clients. I feel terrible as its taken me so long to get them out to these people. Mainly, with being a starter business, I don't always have everything ready and waiting under my spare bed to pull out and use. Weather it be a coloured card there after or a particular shade of ribbon. Fingers crossed they'll like my work and book me for their main orders.

Also, I don't have many table plans to my portfolio so had a create at making another two today. I've had some new ribbon samples come through the post last week so plenty of colours to choose from and play with. 


  1. These are cute - I especially like the key, that's a nice feature!

  2. Thank You.
    I have a bride who's surname will become 'Key' and she wanted something similar to this, so I did that as a mock up. Obviously hers will be in a different colour xx