Monday, February 6, 2012

My First Official 'BIG' Order!

After spending the morning cleaning the house and doing general house work, in the back of my mind I knew I had to hurry as I wanted to get on with my first big order.

These invites are for the lovely son, of a very close old school friend. Funnily enough, me and Laura were actually born in the same hospital only a few hours apart. We found each other at High School and quickly became very good friends. After leaving high school, we lost touch for several years. I bumped into her parents one evening at a local pub, passed on my details and we got back in touch. The same goes for pretty much all my high school girl friends, and somehow we all found each other again, and now, its like we've never been apart.

After literally having a 'quick' cuppa on the sofa, I was about to head upstairs when I heard a knock on my bay window. It was my parents popping by for a cuppa, so after losing a few hours in the production process, they left and I headed upstairs to crack on.

6 hours later and 50.......actually 49 (I punched a hole wrong in one) Christening Invitations later, I'm all done with making my first big order. I have a feeling I will be needing to make a few more with the amount of people Laura and Dave know, but at least the majority are made for now.

I'm feeling rather chuffed with myself at the moment. They all, if I say so myself look pretty damn good!

What do you think?

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