Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let it snow.... or melt!

So after a beautiful winter wedding yesterday, of one of the husbands work friends, lazy Sunday it has been. So what better way than to put some creative thoughts together and make something a little different.

Today I decided to have a pop at Named Place Settings, Menus, Save The Dates and Table Plans. Out came the boxes of cards, cutters, ribbon and jewels from under the spare bed (my spare room looks like a bombs hit it when this happens!). A few hours before hand is spent on the laptop preparing everything for printing, working out sizes and gathering up thoughts in my head for whats about to come. 

Watching the snow melt from my bedroom window, really makes me happy that I am in the warm, I'm dry and there is absolutely no chance of me leaving the house! Off to work I go............

Place Settings:
I really think a beautiful named place setting can make a table at a Wedding. They can tie your wedding colours and themes together, and no one has any problems about where they are to sit at the table. Something we found out at yesterdays wedding, after sitting down anywhere, as we couldn't suss out who was meant to be where, everyone breaking into the bread roll and butter, then suddenly spotting a small bird up on the wine glass with a small name carefully wrote on it's wing. Not that it mattered but after they'd spent the time making a named setting, and it going unnoticed by most, it seemed like a bit of a shame.
So here are a few of todays creations....

You can have a place setting in so many choices, these are some of the more popular ones that couples end up deciding on.
First up, a gift/luggage tag. These I feel this makes a wedding 'modern'. They look beautiful with the right card and ribbon. They can also be attached to a napkin and centrally placed between the setting.
Second, a very classic place setting. Simple and elegant!
Third up, a folded place setting. These can be also lay down and double up with a pocket inside for a lottery ticket or message from the happy couple.
Lastly, a simple but elegant flat place setting. 

Every guest at a Wedding wants to know what they are going to be eating. And whether it be an individual menu at each seat or one for the middle of the table, Please your guests with the knowledge of the food to come.

First and second photos, are those for an individual setting. Make them personal also, and double them up with the name of the guest for a place setting too. Maybe even double side them and place them in a table number stand.
The third photo is good on price and for a limited use of space. A three sided menu which came be placed into the middle of the table and be seen from all angles of the table.

Save The Dates:
Guests travelling from afar? People needing that day to book the day off work asap, but you don't want to send the invites out too early? A Save The Date is a fantastic way to give the guests the small details they want to know, give them a flash of what kind of wedding look your going for and get them excited for that BIG day to arrive.
Here are a few simple yet effective looks to choose from:

Up firstly, the 'modern' luggage tag. What more can you say? I love it!
And secondly, a simple calendar style. As you can see, I have these beautiful butterflies from a supplier which look amazing. I can use their 'air trail' to lead to your wedding date.

Table Plans:
After going to weddings with and without a table plan, I have to say from a personal point of view I really feel a table plan is the best option. No faffing around finding your place, if set up outside the room before hand, guests can look at where they are sitting. I know this is one of the biggest head aches of any wedding, putting those people together on a table, wondering if they will get on but please..... have a table plan! You don't have to seat people down on the tables in order of the plan, just give them a table and they can sit where ever they want.

So how did my first 'real' blog go?... Food for thought?
I hope to do this with every new creation, as not every new photo will make it on to the website (facebook yes!). But with creating a blog and new post, you can see what I've been up to.

Jen xxx

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