Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Autumn Colours In The Air

I am a regular on a well known Wedding Planning forum. I spent all my Wedding Planning on there, finding new ideas from other members and creating more and more lovely's for my own Wedding.

I got contacted by one of the members I've seen around through my planning time, with an SOS email. 

Asking what her theme and colours were, I was a little bit scared. I find working with Autumn colours and darker shades of colour hard to put together. They don't always seem to compliment each other with the right shades.But hey, I had to get over this fear at some point. So strike whilst the irons hot as they say!

Wanting a mixture of different Invitations, all with different styles to choose from, I got work on my 'Hard' colour scheme.

I got the vision and the inspiration, so off I went.

I did find the creating challenging. Making the colour work well together, so they don't all over power one another, but instead compliment.

I am happy with the finish result. I did asked my client to give an honest opinion and if she wants a mixture of different aspects from different invitations to let me know, and I can work them together.

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