Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pocket This!

A day of on call, at home this time for 8 whole hours. In the back of my mind secretly knowing that if I can make it to 1pm unscathed, then I am pretty much safe for the rest of the day. And yippee followed by 2 days off too :D

Leaving the husband on the sofa, still in his PJ's, I head upstairs into my spare room/creation area and set to work on some pocket fold invitations. After mooching the internet all morning grabbing some inspiration, the boxes and boxes come out from under the bed.

I use the most expensive card I have, and why I didn't not create a frame before 'just going for it' I end up wasting FOUR cards. But practice makes perfect after all. 

I worked on some slim pocket fold to begin with. These have become a very popular design for couples to use as their Wedding Invitations, and I needed some of these to show off in my work. Maybe and hopefully, grab the attention of those passers by taking a peek at my website or facebook page. Yes, the inside of with the ribbon back needs tiding up but worked out how to do this once everything was popped away, so will work on it tomorrow. But their will be a single backing to cover the 'mess'.

So here after the slim pocket fold invitations: 

Also, another very popular style of pocket fold invitation is a simple classic square. I used this own style for my Wedding back in May 2011. Very similar in style to the one above but remember, no one invitation is the same, they can be dressed up and down to suit different wants and needs.

So without further a do, here are the other pocket folds:

And last but not least, a tall wallet style Invitation. I have done a similar style with a square wallet but decided to make them taller and slimmer. There is a single pull out invitation on a ribbon pullie, however, additional details can be placed on the reverse side of the Invitation. 

I love using these vellum butterflies on my invitations. I get them from a supplier and the detail on them is beautiful. They have a pearlidoodle accent to make them stand out and wow, don't they just?

Hope you like todays creations. There won't be any more creations on my days off as me and the husband are heading over to my parents for Sunday Dinner :D and then Monday, I get the lovely delights of one of my closest friends one week old baby boy. I can't wait to give her my gift for baby Noah. I had this handmade gift by a girl from the Wedding Planning forum I spent most of my time of whilst planning my own Wedding. She herself has just gone into business and WOW. Their are no words to describe her work, it's just beautiful. I really urge you to pay her a visit and get something made. You will not be disappointed.

And here is baby Noah's present for his newly decorated nursery:


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