Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Come Fly With Me....... Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away!

An early morning start at work with a shift consisting on an airport on call for 6 hours, Slept for 3 of those and nattered away for the other 3 :D

So getting home, hoping Mr Postman had been with my eBay parcels, I wasn't let down. I had on order some new cutting strips for my Woodware Fingerguard cutter. After attempting the other day to do the Wedding Boarding cards I wanted, the edges just weren't as sharp as I'd liked. It needed replacing, and boy did it need it. Super clean lines today. Much better.

I had the great pleasure of one of my work colleagues Rosalynd, along with her Pilot fiancé Dean asking me to create there Wedding Invitations. Having flown with them both many a time, and there such a wonderful couple and so suited for one another. There also a BIG fan of going away on holiday. So it was no surprise to hear they were getting married abroad.

And to keep in theme with being Cabin Crew and Flight Deck, a Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation was right on the money. As well as a Wedding Aboard, what else was more suited?

A few weeks of emails prior to creating them, with a few alterations to their requirements, I got cracking on with the finished product. I knew I was flying with Roz tomorrow afternoon, so wanted to have them ready for handing them over to her.

I hope they both like them. I have to say, alterations and perfection details = a pretty impressive Boarding Pass if I say so myself :D

Here's the photos.

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