Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's All Getting A Little Bit Exciting.....

Having only really kick started my business around a couple of months ago, I am over whelmed by the emails and opportunities that are coming my way. 

My work is slowly and surely doing the rounds on facebook, and more and more Brides To Be are contacting me with their requests. My Website also seems to be getting some response through google too.

I was left a voice mail with an opportunity of doing a local Wedding Fayre at short notice. Damn you full time work!!!! I would have been the only Stationery stall there, that could have been some serious business for me. 

I've also been asked to do a workshop for an old school friend, that involves teaching people the basics of creating Wedding Stationery. I am defiantly thinking this one over, for the experience of it all. I have no idea what to expect from something like this, and when the lure of money, and free cake and tea comes up, this might be hard to resist.

And then last night, I was asked by a very good friend if I would write a blog post for her Blog Website Ruffles and Pearls, about how different themes and ideas can come together to create your perfect Wedding Stationery. I am honored to have this experience of being featured on someone else blog, I just hope I can do them justice with my post.

As I said before, the over whelming opportunities that are coming my way, really do give me hope that I shall succeed in my business. It also makes me wonder what lies around the corner........
Autumn Colours In The Air

I am a regular on a well known Wedding Planning forum. I spent all my Wedding Planning on there, finding new ideas from other members and creating more and more lovely's for my own Wedding.

I got contacted by one of the members I've seen around through my planning time, with an SOS email. 

Asking what her theme and colours were, I was a little bit scared. I find working with Autumn colours and darker shades of colour hard to put together. They don't always seem to compliment each other with the right shades.But hey, I had to get over this fear at some point. So strike whilst the irons hot as they say!

Wanting a mixture of different Invitations, all with different styles to choose from, I got work on my 'Hard' colour scheme.

I got the vision and the inspiration, so off I went.

I did find the creating challenging. Making the colour work well together, so they don't all over power one another, but instead compliment.

I am happy with the finish result. I did asked my client to give an honest opinion and if she wants a mixture of different aspects from different invitations to let me know, and I can work them together.

Vintage Pink With Lace and Pearls

I have been asked to create some Save The Dates with a beautiful dusky pink and Vintage Colour scheme. When asking about this style, it was given a description of 'I want lace, pearls and Dusky Pink colour'. Wow, my heart was set a light with this amazing theme. So many ideas running through my mind. I know I had to use my White Tapestry card for this as it would fit perfectly with the 'Vintage' look.

I am yet to experiment with the lace (it's still in ebay transit.....grr!) but I had a go with the pearls and Dusky Pink ribbon. But I really think when the time comes, the lace will just go 'WOW' and really finish the look to what is already an amazing look for your Wedding Stationery. 

I also asked if I could experiment with some Satin Roses, to which I got approval for. I then had visions of them with a pearl bead string hanging from below. I have to say, this was probably my favourite look out of the 3 I created, I just love how they compliment one another.

Here are a few of the samples I have created with beautiful theme already. And when the lace comes, I'll be sure to post and let you know.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pocket This!

A day of on call, at home this time for 8 whole hours. In the back of my mind secretly knowing that if I can make it to 1pm unscathed, then I am pretty much safe for the rest of the day. And yippee followed by 2 days off too :D

Leaving the husband on the sofa, still in his PJ's, I head upstairs into my spare room/creation area and set to work on some pocket fold invitations. After mooching the internet all morning grabbing some inspiration, the boxes and boxes come out from under the bed.

I use the most expensive card I have, and why I didn't not create a frame before 'just going for it' I end up wasting FOUR cards. But practice makes perfect after all. 

I worked on some slim pocket fold to begin with. These have become a very popular design for couples to use as their Wedding Invitations, and I needed some of these to show off in my work. Maybe and hopefully, grab the attention of those passers by taking a peek at my website or facebook page. Yes, the inside of with the ribbon back needs tiding up but worked out how to do this once everything was popped away, so will work on it tomorrow. But their will be a single backing to cover the 'mess'.

So here after the slim pocket fold invitations: 

Also, another very popular style of pocket fold invitation is a simple classic square. I used this own style for my Wedding back in May 2011. Very similar in style to the one above but remember, no one invitation is the same, they can be dressed up and down to suit different wants and needs.

So without further a do, here are the other pocket folds:

And last but not least, a tall wallet style Invitation. I have done a similar style with a square wallet but decided to make them taller and slimmer. There is a single pull out invitation on a ribbon pullie, however, additional details can be placed on the reverse side of the Invitation. 

I love using these vellum butterflies on my invitations. I get them from a supplier and the detail on them is beautiful. They have a pearlidoodle accent to make them stand out and wow, don't they just?

Hope you like todays creations. There won't be any more creations on my days off as me and the husband are heading over to my parents for Sunday Dinner :D and then Monday, I get the lovely delights of one of my closest friends one week old baby boy. I can't wait to give her my gift for baby Noah. I had this handmade gift by a girl from the Wedding Planning forum I spent most of my time of whilst planning my own Wedding. She herself has just gone into business and WOW. Their are no words to describe her work, it's just beautiful. I really urge you to pay her a visit and get something made. You will not be disappointed.

And here is baby Noah's present for his newly decorated nursery:


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Come Fly With Me....... Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away!

An early morning start at work with a shift consisting on an airport on call for 6 hours, Slept for 3 of those and nattered away for the other 3 :D

So getting home, hoping Mr Postman had been with my eBay parcels, I wasn't let down. I had on order some new cutting strips for my Woodware Fingerguard cutter. After attempting the other day to do the Wedding Boarding cards I wanted, the edges just weren't as sharp as I'd liked. It needed replacing, and boy did it need it. Super clean lines today. Much better.

I had the great pleasure of one of my work colleagues Rosalynd, along with her Pilot fiancé Dean asking me to create there Wedding Invitations. Having flown with them both many a time, and there such a wonderful couple and so suited for one another. There also a BIG fan of going away on holiday. So it was no surprise to hear they were getting married abroad.

And to keep in theme with being Cabin Crew and Flight Deck, a Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation was right on the money. As well as a Wedding Aboard, what else was more suited?

A few weeks of emails prior to creating them, with a few alterations to their requirements, I got cracking on with the finished product. I knew I was flying with Roz tomorrow afternoon, so wanted to have them ready for handing them over to her.

I hope they both like them. I have to say, alterations and perfection details = a pretty impressive Boarding Pass if I say so myself :D

Here's the photos.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Creativity..... again!

Another Sunday, another relaxation day. This is about to change though, back to work on Tuesday after a lovely 10 days leave. :( And back to working weekend! Double :(

Today I've been working on a few sample for clients. I feel terrible as its taken me so long to get them out to these people. Mainly, with being a starter business, I don't always have everything ready and waiting under my spare bed to pull out and use. Weather it be a coloured card there after or a particular shade of ribbon. Fingers crossed they'll like my work and book me for their main orders.

Also, I don't have many table plans to my portfolio so had a create at making another two today. I've had some new ribbon samples come through the post last week so plenty of colours to choose from and play with. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A little Thank You goes a long way...!

So after a playful afternoon yesterday with my friend's 3 year old, Today was back to doing what I do. Creating!

Today's creative streak was.... Cards.

Cards are a thoughtful way of saying what you want to. A few chosen words can go a long way. And with my current designs being based primarily around Weddings, I decided to try and make a few cards that would fit into this theme

A beautiful handcrafted card, to go along side a "Thank You" present for all your wedding party can be as personlised as you want it to be. A "Thank" You for your Parents, Bridesmaids, Best Men, Ushers, Flower Girls and Page Boy.

So without further a do.... Here are today's creations:

Or have you not asked any of your 'friends' to be involved in your Wedding Party yet? What about a card to ask them that special question?

Monday, February 6, 2012

My First Official 'BIG' Order!

After spending the morning cleaning the house and doing general house work, in the back of my mind I knew I had to hurry as I wanted to get on with my first big order.

These invites are for the lovely son, of a very close old school friend. Funnily enough, me and Laura were actually born in the same hospital only a few hours apart. We found each other at High School and quickly became very good friends. After leaving high school, we lost touch for several years. I bumped into her parents one evening at a local pub, passed on my details and we got back in touch. The same goes for pretty much all my high school girl friends, and somehow we all found each other again, and now, its like we've never been apart.

After literally having a 'quick' cuppa on the sofa, I was about to head upstairs when I heard a knock on my bay window. It was my parents popping by for a cuppa, so after losing a few hours in the production process, they left and I headed upstairs to crack on.

6 hours later and 50.......actually 49 (I punched a hole wrong in one) Christening Invitations later, I'm all done with making my first big order. I have a feeling I will be needing to make a few more with the amount of people Laura and Dave know, but at least the majority are made for now.

I'm feeling rather chuffed with myself at the moment. They all, if I say so myself look pretty damn good!

What do you think?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let it snow.... or melt!

So after a beautiful winter wedding yesterday, of one of the husbands work friends, lazy Sunday it has been. So what better way than to put some creative thoughts together and make something a little different.

Today I decided to have a pop at Named Place Settings, Menus, Save The Dates and Table Plans. Out came the boxes of cards, cutters, ribbon and jewels from under the spare bed (my spare room looks like a bombs hit it when this happens!). A few hours before hand is spent on the laptop preparing everything for printing, working out sizes and gathering up thoughts in my head for whats about to come. 

Watching the snow melt from my bedroom window, really makes me happy that I am in the warm, I'm dry and there is absolutely no chance of me leaving the house! Off to work I go............

Place Settings:
I really think a beautiful named place setting can make a table at a Wedding. They can tie your wedding colours and themes together, and no one has any problems about where they are to sit at the table. Something we found out at yesterdays wedding, after sitting down anywhere, as we couldn't suss out who was meant to be where, everyone breaking into the bread roll and butter, then suddenly spotting a small bird up on the wine glass with a small name carefully wrote on it's wing. Not that it mattered but after they'd spent the time making a named setting, and it going unnoticed by most, it seemed like a bit of a shame.
So here are a few of todays creations....

You can have a place setting in so many choices, these are some of the more popular ones that couples end up deciding on.
First up, a gift/luggage tag. These I feel this makes a wedding 'modern'. They look beautiful with the right card and ribbon. They can also be attached to a napkin and centrally placed between the setting.
Second, a very classic place setting. Simple and elegant!
Third up, a folded place setting. These can be also lay down and double up with a pocket inside for a lottery ticket or message from the happy couple.
Lastly, a simple but elegant flat place setting. 

Every guest at a Wedding wants to know what they are going to be eating. And whether it be an individual menu at each seat or one for the middle of the table, Please your guests with the knowledge of the food to come.

First and second photos, are those for an individual setting. Make them personal also, and double them up with the name of the guest for a place setting too. Maybe even double side them and place them in a table number stand.
The third photo is good on price and for a limited use of space. A three sided menu which came be placed into the middle of the table and be seen from all angles of the table.

Save The Dates:
Guests travelling from afar? People needing that day to book the day off work asap, but you don't want to send the invites out too early? A Save The Date is a fantastic way to give the guests the small details they want to know, give them a flash of what kind of wedding look your going for and get them excited for that BIG day to arrive.
Here are a few simple yet effective looks to choose from:

Up firstly, the 'modern' luggage tag. What more can you say? I love it!
And secondly, a simple calendar style. As you can see, I have these beautiful butterflies from a supplier which look amazing. I can use their 'air trail' to lead to your wedding date.

Table Plans:
After going to weddings with and without a table plan, I have to say from a personal point of view I really feel a table plan is the best option. No faffing around finding your place, if set up outside the room before hand, guests can look at where they are sitting. I know this is one of the biggest head aches of any wedding, putting those people together on a table, wondering if they will get on but please..... have a table plan! You don't have to seat people down on the tables in order of the plan, just give them a table and they can sit where ever they want.

So how did my first 'real' blog go?... Food for thought?
I hope to do this with every new creation, as not every new photo will make it on to the website (facebook yes!). But with creating a blog and new post, you can see what I've been up to.

Jen xxx

So if you haven't already been here before... Welcome to my site!

The sites only been up and running for a few days and the response to it has been wonderful. Thank You to those who have taken the time to visit and pass me comments.

This is only just the start for me. After creating all the stationery and pretties for my wedding back in May 2011 (how fast that's passed), this was just a thought in the back of my mind that I'd like to get into making this into a full time hobby. And after a pretty rubbish phone call from my current full time job as Cabin Crew a week or so ago, it's really given me a kick up the bum to actually get this business off the ground and put words into action!!

So now, to spread the word of the creations and make my dreams into a reality. And with creating a new website, that runs alongside my facebook page, I've decided to take up 'blogging' too. This way, you will see all the new creations as they come.

Watch this space.....!

Jen xxx