Thursday, March 29, 2012

Winter Wedding Creations on a 
Beautiful Spring Day!

With the sun shining, yellow daffodils standing proud in my garden and being almost 20 degrees outside, it almost seemed wrong to be creating winter themed Wedding Invitations. 
I was designing these with the winter in mind, but not to take it to the Christmas side of things. A royal blue and silver theme, the samples came together quite simply for them. I'd done one set of samples, but there was just something missing from them. It needed the sparkle of what winter brings when the ice gleams in the winter sun on the ground.
Googling for inspiration, the idea of a large silver snowflake taking centre stage really caught my eye and got my creative side flowing.

There were to be two different invitations created for the day and evening guests. I wanted the day time guests to have that winter sparkle I was after, and the evening to be simpler but have the winter theme in mind.

After showing my lovely couple, Becca and James there sample, they were delighted. Very few changes were made to them and so the order was placed.

And here is the final result:

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