Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fancy Florals

Having used a few of these mulberry flowers on my own Wedding Stationery last year, I browsed the website to see what other inspiration I could gain.

Wow, so many beautiful designs and colours too choose from. However, the special offers page caught my eye with lots of mixed colours at an unbeatable price. For this reason, I ordered two different types of flowers.

My husband answered the front door to Mr Postman, and I rushed down stairs, with freshly painted nails eager to get into the box but why would I want to ruin my nails? OH WELL.... scuffed up they went!
Opening the box to 'wow' flash of colour before my eyes, I ripped them all out of their box and sat with them in front of me. What impressed me the most was the look of these flowers. Even the husband passed comment on just how life like the flowers were, asking 'are they real?' And to me, you really wouldn't notice unless you knew what they were.

Sitting curling all the stems on the flower around a biro pen, I couldn't want to get up stairs and have a play with these beautiful flowers. I'd recently invested in some vellum paper, lace and 3mm ribbon to try out too. These four items were about to work wonders together.

Finishing up and looking back on the invitations, I have to say that these are some of the my favourite creations to date. I love the feel and look of the flowers and how they compliment the whole look of the invitations. I think I may need to invest in some more colours and styles to try out.

But for now, here are the photos of today's creations:

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