Monday, March 5, 2012

Fold Over Invitation Making Process

I wanted to create a post, where by I show every part of my creative skills that are required for making a hand crafted Wedding Invitation. 

I was setting to work on creating a beautiful fold over Invitation order for a customer of mine and I thought of doing a picture process along the way. I wanted it to show how it all starts with a simple a4 piece of card and then becomes the Invitation of someone dreams. For this order I was creating 42 Day Invitations and 20 Evening. 

Step One:
From the computer to the printer. All my work is designed and planned out before hand on the computer. Once ready and proof read, Off to the printer we go. 62 Invitations printed, round two.

Step Two:
Onto the cutting board. I then hand cut all my invitations to size. This has to be done with every a4 print out that I've had through the printer. Four sides cut to size = 248 cuts.

Step Three:
Once all cut to size, my fold over invitations then need scoring on four sizes to create the 'fold over' look. Another 248 scores done.

Step Four:
I then have to carefully cut all of the diamond shape scores on the corners so that my fold over invitation works. 248 done and cut out.

Step Five:
I then have to cut a length of ribbon and attach it to every invitation.

Step Six:
I then have to cut 64 'Wedding Invitation' tags and punch holes onto them. With this order, I then attach 64 mini keys to the tags.

Step Seven:
I carefully then create the bows and prettiness for the fronts of the invitations. And my final look is done.

64 Fold over Wedding Invitations - DONE!

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