Monday, April 30, 2012

Fold Over and Wallet Invitations

These monogram wallets are just going so well. People are loving the idea of having their initials on the front for everyone to see, along with their colour schemed ribbon.

And since my first big order of the fold over invitation, I have yet to create any  more but today gave me the chance.

Whilst sitting playing around with my settings on my facebook page, I received around 25 likes between two likers. Both Sallie and Simone have ended up wanting the same samples as it happens.

Simone had a claret colour scheme. A bold colour for me to play with as I have yet to go with any colour quite so deep and rich.
Sallie on the other hand wanted a soft green with butterflies to match her wedding cake.

Two very different feels to the invitations with their colours but beautiful.

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